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We plan on becoming the largest and most premium protein cookie company in the market, and we would love to have you do an Unboxing of our product on IG to help further build and expand our community with valued individuals like yourself that represent exactly what we stand for.

Living with true balance, creating an intuitive lifestyle free of guilt, and most importantly living your best wholesome life.

Read our information provided below to see what this Unboxing Agreement consists of.

Before we get started, why must we have an agreement?

Because unfortunately, social media has turned into a beautiful place where some influencer’s take advantage of their clout and use it to simply gain free products with nothing in return. We are a small business & taking the time to send care packages to influencers does cost us time, financial investing, and energy. We don’t care for meaningless posts on social media.

We want real people, who really love our products just as much as we do and are passionate about sharing it with others.

So, let’s get started.


Become an RA Brand Ambassador with Commission 

Click this link to skip the unboxing phase and go straight into becoming an RA Ambassador with commission based rates. 



What We Will Provide For You For An Unboxing

  • 1 Dozen Cookies all consisting of your flavor preference

    • Upon agreement you will be provided purchase codes to get 1 Free Package including One-Time Free Shipping

  • Personalized Link where you can earn commission as an Ambassador

    • This will be explained in further detail upon your application 
  • Detailed Summary of Main Talking Points About Our Products

  • Opportunity to become an RA Brand Ambassador

    • If unboxing engagement results perform well then we will further contact you to join our team with even more benefits.


What You Are To Provide

  • 3+ Stories (15 Second Videos) Describing highlight points/talking points while make sure package is visible.

    • After box delivery date you will have up to 7 days to create & publish your content.

  • You are expected to mention 3 minimum points from our Detailed Summary of Main Talking Points (will be provided if needed)

    • This is definitely not difficult as you have to mention them in order to describe the product anyways.

  • Must send post analytics 24 hours after first stories go live.

    • Can be sent through IG DMs or Email

  • 2+ Stories (Photos or Videos) consuming/holding product and sharing overall thoughts on taste, quality, etc.

    • 1-2 Weeks After unboxing Stories are published you are to create & publish this content

  • Must Tag @revivealbyjack in all stories.

  • If you have the swipe up feature, our website must be linked for your community.


  • Account can NOT be set to private & must have purpose to your social media platform.

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